Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome 2010~~

1st January 2010..
This is the begining of 2010..
Everyone stepped into this new year..
Last night we had another gathering again..
Could be the last one before I go into the PLKN camp..
Not bad..But actually I found it was not really enjoying..
I will throw it away..
I'm in an enjoying mood..

Okay..Stepping into 2010 is something scary for me..
This will not be an easy year..
Settle down myself into a new study environment..
Meet different type of friends..
Individual's adaptation is playing a big role there..
I hope all my friends are ready for the coming challenges..
Especially myself..
Arghh..I have to work HARDER of course..
I can't bring the same manners into this year..
Time to make differences..
Time to change myself..
I will try to make myself BETTER in every aspects needed..
And my goal is being the best among the best..
Sounds crazy but I just aim high for myself..
Have to do everything in a FASTER rate..
No more delaying works..
And of course I have to be STRONGER..
So that I can face all type of challenges awaiting me in the future..
I think these are the keys to succeed in life..

" They say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself."
-Andy Warhol

I agree with it..
You have to change everything yourself..
Time can't do it for you..

Personally I have two idols which inspired me a lot..
They are the greatest ever tennis player, Roger Federer
and The best player of the year 2008 in football, Cristiano Ronaldo..
This two sportmen are simply beyong Godlike..
I think they are the example for me to follow..
They will be my role model of life..
Especially in this year..

Roger Federer,
He became the first man in tennis history to reach 15 Grand Slams titles..
And he is still running now..
There are still chances for him to increase the tally..

This title tally was unprecedented before this, which Pete Sampras was only managed to get 14 Grand Slams titles..
His fighting spirit is unbelievable..
He never stop fighting..

Cristiano Ronaldo,
He is the best football player for me..
He is playing good football..
He never hide his intention of being the best player in the world..
What an ambitious man..

Of course achieving something like this,
The journey will be bloody tough..
Blood and sweat was there to sacrifice..
When you fall down,
there are no time for you to rest..
You have to directly stand up again by wasting no time..
This is the pathway of success..

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