Thursday, January 14, 2010


4th January 2010..
This was the first day I joined the national service..
Before the journey start,
I met Seow and Ho..
Their appearances undoubtly made me felt sad that I was going to leave them..
It just took almost one and a half hour to reach the destination..

The camp is sort of beautiful..
Satisfied with the view of the camp where it's located near to two lakes..
I was arranged to stay at A1 dome (Alpha 1)..
Probably where I found a group of nice friends..
I stepped into the dome,
most of them are sleeping (perhaps they have nothing to do there)..
As I searching for my bed..
I met two chinese people there..
Boo and Nam Yau..
I was a little bit shy..
Though, I talked to them and I found they are friendly actually..
My feeling was inexplicably discomfort..
Maybe I wasn't ready to adapt myself into a place like this..

By wasting no time,
I went to take the shirts all at the store..
Thanked God that all of them are fit for me..
Some people spent quite a long time on testing and changing the shirts..
The outside of the store crowded by the plastic bags all..
Those people just simply threw it there..
Where are their moral values??

After all,
I went for my haircut..
This was when I worried a lot..
Though, I was feeling okay when watching everyone was doing the same thing..
Being this all-new hairstyle,
I found it was good where I felt colder..
At the same time,
it is environmental friendly too..
I just use a small drop of shampoo every time I wash my hair^^

The first three days was full with those stupid orientations..
Arghh..I couldn't stand the boring atmosphere there..
Luckily I had a group of new friends who were around me..
They gave me such a big support during the eight days at the camp..
But I had chosen to leave them..
As I said, I couldn't travel both road..
God was killing me..

My company is Alpha..
Alpha was divided into 4 smaller group..
Where Alpha 1 and 2 for male and Alpha 3 and 4 for female..
The third day was when all Alpha members worked hard together..
We were prepare flag, song, slogan and more for the company..
Flag was my burden..
Of course it was a collective effort..
Without their cooperation, I don't think we will have such a beautiful flag..
I love it so much..
The girls paid a lot of effort for the flag..
I hope everyone enjoy that process..
The result doesn't seemed really important..
So yeah..
Plenty of positives for everyone after we got the last place in the competition..
Personally I think my team deserve a better place..
But, this is LIFE..
We throw it away..

Saturday was when I loved the most at the camp..
Buddhist will be sent to a nearby temple..
Everyone was friendly there..
Once I stepped into there..
I could felt I was covered by a strong protector..
My heart was calm at that moment..
I like the place a lot..
I wonder if I can stay at there rather than the dome at the camp..

Sunday was when parents are allowed to visit their children..
But I told my parents not to come,
as I thought it was a little early to visit me..
I spent my day at the dome with my friends..
Chatting, Singing, and Sleeping..
These were already taken up the whole daytime..


eMeRLyN said...

Welcome back, my friend!

jiin said...

kinda miss you..