Tuesday, January 12, 2010

PLAY_I'm Back Again~~

12th January 2010..
I have come back to Tanjong Malim..
I chose this way..
There are some personal reasons..
But I will never regret on whichever road I have chose..
Once I step into this road..
I need to face everything, every challenges coming to me..

I chose to leave the camp..
They encouraged asthmatic patients not to continue..
Such a big offer..
So I decided to make my return..

I miss the camp a lot..
It was really hard to make a decision at there..
But I followed my feeling..
And now I'm at Tanjong Malim..

I met many friends there..
They are great yeah^^
I had great time with them..
Eight days at there..
Although it wasn't so long..
But THEY had already developed a special place in my heart now..
I hope they can continue their mission perfectly..
I will continue my life at here..
Sorry that I can't travel both..

1 comment:

escape2 said...

no money could buy the kind of experience you had at the camp. and you look kinda smart in the uniform.