Monday, January 25, 2010


This is for all my friends..
This is all I ever wanted..

Finished SPM..
The feeling was brilliant..
At the same time, it indicated we are going to separate soon..
I think everyone was ready with this fact..
Although it was really hard to accept the fact we have to separate..
This is Life..
I mean,
friends can't be with you all the time..
They have their own pathway of life to continue..
Different interest, different living places, different lifestyles, different study courses..
No choice..
Is it the most miserable moment in life?
Yes? No?
For me,
more on the answer "YES"..
My feelings were inexplicably dragging on..
I desperately tried to hold my emotions far behind..
As people said,
things will not be appreciated until it is really gone..
Honestly, I can't bear to erase those sweet memories with all my friends..
My life was amused by all my friends..
Although we are not fully separated now..
Yet, there will be one day for sure..
(When we're) Together, it's called a dream..
(When we're) Separated, it's called pain..
The sadness has been forgotten as time goes by..
And of course happiness are stored in memory for recalling..
The sourness from the air,
smelling out our distance..
I believe the bonds between all of us will never be broken..
As we are still looking at a same piece of sky..
Destiny, I started to believe in it..
No doubt,it brought me a group of thoughtful and wonderful friends..
And I thank gravity for letting me meet all of you..
Without all of you,
I would not be someone that I wished to be..

Dear friends,
Your Smiles are Like an embrace to me..
How I want to hide your goodness?


kaman said...
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kaman said...

y suddenly so sentimental...
veri touching la.. wan cry jor..
ya.. we all will be frienz 4ever coz the bond between us wont break easily...

sakura_chan1207 said...

hyechew.. juz droppin by your blog. ngeee~~


Gan Cong Jun said...

Thank gravity we are still together