Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'm Back Again

It has been quite a long time I never update any new entries into my blog..
Thought I have quit from blogging??
Of course I'm not..
Just I can't get the chance to put in some new entries..
In fact, I did not have any topics to write about..
Back to blogging,
the feeling is good..
Quite rust with it..
But my blog was never been an attracting blog to read..
So it doesn't matter what I'm going to post next..
Life is relaxing now..
Quit from the hectic lifestyle in Kim Gary Restaurant..
I'm working at Adidas Original Sunway Pyramid now..
I like this one..
Everyone here is friendly as well..
Honestly, I like the feeling working at here more than Kim Gary Restaurant..
Oopps.. Stop giving so much critics on Kim Gary Restaurant..
I'm still keeping my respect toward it..
It was somewhere I trained myself into a tougher and stronger guy..
Now I'm well equiped and up for any challenges..
Sounds Arrogant..
But I'm really up for it..

"Wearing Adidas Grun With Cristina"

"Drawing I did during my free time"

1 comment:

escape2 said... get to wear teeshirts you like while you were working.jealous