Monday, April 5, 2010


Goodbye to Sunway,
Goodbye to Bells and Alyssa,
Goodbye to Nick..

Finally I'm at my hometown now..
When go back to work??
I've finished working..
No need to go back again..
I spent another two extra days at Sunway after I ended my work on 31 March..
The first day I spent by sleeping for the whole day..
For recharging my mental and physical fitness..
"Clash of the Titans"
An okay movie..
But it will be far better if compare to "Alice In Wonderland"..
I watched it in 3D version..
A disappointing movie..
Personally I think watching this movie is a waste of money..
I nearly fall asleep when watching in the cinema..
Watching 3D movie with Nick

2nd April,
this was my last day at Sunway..
After this I have to go back to my hometown..
I spent my day by meeting up with Isabella and Alyssa at The Garden..
Nick was with me too..
Quite an enjoying day..
Meet up with Alyssa had made it a special day..
She impressed
me a lot..
Mostly with her voice..
It was simply unbelievable..
Luckily I got my chance to sing with her in Redbox..
She gave me so much pressure to sing there..
But of course it was my pleasure to sing with her..

Baskin Robin was the next station..
I thought it was not my day,
everything I want was sold out..
We had a sweet moment there as we were eating our ice cream..
Bells and Alyssa were forced to leave earlier..
Because of Bells's aunt..
Goodbye to the girls..
Especially Bells..
See you next time..

Me and Nick continue the day by shopping at Midvalley..
Sony was having their exhibition there..
So we paid a visit there..
Our concentration was caught by the FIFA World Cup thingy..
Took a photo with the big Adidas's JABULANI..
It was quite enjoying there..
You simply can get the World Cup edition Coca-Cola for free at there..

Dinner time..
We tried Italiannies at The Garden..
A satisfying one..
Made it a memorable day..
I did enjoyed myself very well with Nick..
I hope he enjoy that moment as well..