Thursday, May 13, 2010

College Life started~~

After gone through the orientation..The class has started for almost two weeks..
So far so good..
Having a few assignments on my hands now..I believe there will be even more assignments from the lect
I'm glad to meet everyone in YTL-ICHM..
This week I had tried to make a mocktail..
The beverage class brought so much fun to me..Here's some
photos on that day..

Today I just had my kitchen class in the morning..
Unfortunately got scolded because didn't set up the kitchen before the class..
In fact, this was the first class..
How i know what I have to do??
Anyway, forget about it..It was still an awesome first kitchen operation lesson..
Here's some photos in the kitchen..

Friday, April 23, 2010


After working a month by wearing a smaller size shoes,
finally it caused a major problem on my foot now..
I blamed myself for not test properly while buying a shoes..

After a few comments from Miss Lim,
she said wearing a smaller size for a month of working is equals to killing your foot..
I started to worry from that moment..
The most painful experience will be everytime I wake up from the bed..
The first step landing on the floor is hard..
Oh my God..
Regret will be too late now..
The best way to cure is to take more rest now..
Thanks Miss Lim for giving me a few ways to treat my heel..
Those will be useful to me..

Advice for everyone:
Test the shoes properly before you buy it~~
Make sure it suit your size~~

Monday, April 12, 2010

Yesterday Once More~~

After I read through Seng Jiin's blog..
I took quite a while to digest the latest entry..
Actually it's just contains a few sentences..
But it is quite hard to give her a certain answer..
Because the future you'll never know..

I won't blame Jiin for asking that question,
because I think it's reasonable..
We are not as together as before now..
We met each others at school, tuition classes everyday..
But now,
once a week or once a month?
Not sure..

As I said,
this is one of the pathway of lives..
We are forced to face it..
An irresistible one..

So what can we do now..
Stay positives..
Be confident..
We'll stay together forever..
Keep this in your mind..
Nothing can change us..

Friendship Forever~~
Impossible Is Nothing!

Monday, April 5, 2010


Goodbye to Sunway,
Goodbye to Bells and Alyssa,
Goodbye to Nick..

Finally I'm at my hometown now..
When go back to work??
I've finished working..
No need to go back again..
I spent another two extra days at Sunway after I ended my work on 31 March..
The first day I spent by sleeping for the whole day..
For recharging my mental and physical fitness..
"Clash of the Titans"
An okay movie..
But it will be far better if compare to "Alice In Wonderland"..
I watched it in 3D version..
A disappointing movie..
Personally I think watching this movie is a waste of money..
I nearly fall asleep when watching in the cinema..
Watching 3D movie with Nick

2nd April,
this was my last day at Sunway..
After this I have to go back to my hometown..
I spent my day by meeting up with Isabella and Alyssa at The Garden..
Nick was with me too..
Quite an enjoying day..
Meet up with Alyssa had made it a special day..
She impressed
me a lot..
Mostly with her voice..
It was simply unbelievable..
Luckily I got my chance to sing with her in Redbox..
She gave me so much pressure to sing there..
But of course it was my pleasure to sing with her..

Baskin Robin was the next station..
I thought it was not my day,
everything I want was sold out..
We had a sweet moment there as we were eating our ice cream..
Bells and Alyssa were forced to leave earlier..
Because of Bells's aunt..
Goodbye to the girls..
Especially Bells..
See you next time..

Me and Nick continue the day by shopping at Midvalley..
Sony was having their exhibition there..
So we paid a visit there..
Our concentration was caught by the FIFA World Cup thingy..
Took a photo with the big Adidas's JABULANI..
It was quite enjoying there..
You simply can get the World Cup edition Coca-Cola for free at there..

Dinner time..
We tried Italiannies at The Garden..
A satisfying one..
Made it a memorable day..
I did enjoyed myself very well with Nick..
I hope he enjoy that moment as well..

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'm Back Again

It has been quite a long time I never update any new entries into my blog..
Thought I have quit from blogging??
Of course I'm not..
Just I can't get the chance to put in some new entries..
In fact, I did not have any topics to write about..
Back to blogging,
the feeling is good..
Quite rust with it..
But my blog was never been an attracting blog to read..
So it doesn't matter what I'm going to post next..
Life is relaxing now..
Quit from the hectic lifestyle in Kim Gary Restaurant..
I'm working at Adidas Original Sunway Pyramid now..
I like this one..
Everyone here is friendly as well..
Honestly, I like the feeling working at here more than Kim Gary Restaurant..
Oopps.. Stop giving so much critics on Kim Gary Restaurant..
I'm still keeping my respect toward it..
It was somewhere I trained myself into a tougher and stronger guy..
Now I'm well equiped and up for any challenges..
Sounds Arrogant..
But I'm really up for it..

"Wearing Adidas Grun With Cristina"

"Drawing I did during my free time"

Monday, January 25, 2010


This is for all my friends..
This is all I ever wanted..

Finished SPM..
The feeling was brilliant..
At the same time, it indicated we are going to separate soon..
I think everyone was ready with this fact..
Although it was really hard to accept the fact we have to separate..
This is Life..
I mean,
friends can't be with you all the time..
They have their own pathway of life to continue..
Different interest, different living places, different lifestyles, different study courses..
No choice..
Is it the most miserable moment in life?
Yes? No?
For me,
more on the answer "YES"..
My feelings were inexplicably dragging on..
I desperately tried to hold my emotions far behind..
As people said,
things will not be appreciated until it is really gone..
Honestly, I can't bear to erase those sweet memories with all my friends..
My life was amused by all my friends..
Although we are not fully separated now..
Yet, there will be one day for sure..
(When we're) Together, it's called a dream..
(When we're) Separated, it's called pain..
The sadness has been forgotten as time goes by..
And of course happiness are stored in memory for recalling..
The sourness from the air,
smelling out our distance..
I believe the bonds between all of us will never be broken..
As we are still looking at a same piece of sky..
Destiny, I started to believe in it..
No doubt,it brought me a group of thoughtful and wonderful friends..
And I thank gravity for letting me meet all of you..
Without all of you,
I would not be someone that I wished to be..

Dear friends,
Your Smiles are Like an embrace to me..
How I want to hide your goodness?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Already Gone~~

24 January 2010..
The weather is hot here..
Hate it..
I had spent a day at Sunway Pyramid for interviews for job..
I mean part-time job..
It was a successful day..
Ho was with me for the day..
Both of us had decided to go KimGary to work for one month..
As we are waiting for our driving lesson after one month..
So yeah,
not going to waste the time..
Earn some extra money for myself..

Start of February will be my first day of working at KimGary.
Going to settle down myself into a different living environment..
A whole new routine..
Tiring or enjoying?
I never considered about it..
The feeling of happy was literally gone..
Maybe most of friends are not around here now..
We can't have fun together like before..
Those happy times were ALREADY GONE..
But I will move on..