Sunday, January 24, 2010

Already Gone~~

24 January 2010..
The weather is hot here..
Hate it..
I had spent a day at Sunway Pyramid for interviews for job..
I mean part-time job..
It was a successful day..
Ho was with me for the day..
Both of us had decided to go KimGary to work for one month..
As we are waiting for our driving lesson after one month..
So yeah,
not going to waste the time..
Earn some extra money for myself..

Start of February will be my first day of working at KimGary.
Going to settle down myself into a different living environment..
A whole new routine..
Tiring or enjoying?
I never considered about it..
The feeling of happy was literally gone..
Maybe most of friends are not around here now..
We can't have fun together like before..
Those happy times were ALREADY GONE..
But I will move on..


Nicholas said...

Haha, NICE. I like it because I can get to understand the feeling you are expressing in this post.

Giovanni said...

I got the feeling like going to cry when writing this..haha..

SEnNie said...

hey zhouyunyi
i forgot to link u..
u have to remind me..if not i will forget again^v^..