Thursday, December 31, 2009

GoodBye 2009~~

31th December 2009..
2009 is going to leave us after another half of day..
When the time reached this moment..
I started to recall back everything happened in this year..
I have gone through a tough year..
With so much challenging examinations of course included SPM..
But, I miss this year the most..
It's such an extraordinary year for me..
I started to think of my factfile of life..
What?? I'm just 17..

Start of the year 2009..
5 SCIENCE 1 , my class..
I threw myself into a quite challenging job..
That was when I picked up the job for being the head of the RED..
I knew that will not be an easy job..
There were so much burden left to me..
Last year the RED was dominated the tournament..
I had to fill the void left by them..
But luckily I had did my job well..
I retained the title for them..
Actually it was a collective effort..
With my personal effort, the title will be going to someone else hand..

Tonight there will be a countdown at blue garden or easy cafe..
I'm not sure where they chose..
But I'm okay with that..
The most important is everyone being together..
I appreciate the time..
Of course, I want to thank everyone for make me a wonderful 2009..
Thank you guys..

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kaman said...

happy new year ya.. ^^
u guys enjoys urselves at blue garden / easy cafe..
all the best in 2010.. ^^