Friday, December 25, 2009

Sunway Trip~~

17th December 2009..
That was the day I with my best friends reached Sunway..
We did some shopping for the first day and of course went RED BOX for a 3 hours
We were absolutely lucky..
The worker offered us to sing in a big room which will be extra large for 6 of us..
Special experience for us..
But for the last hour we forced to change to a smaller room..
Because some guest demanded for the room..
It was okay because the big room was really an extra..

The night we spent our dinner at TGI FRIDAY
The meal was great..
Everyone looked satisfied and I believe everyone's stomach was full after the meal..

The next day was Sunway Lagoon..
Whole body got wet of course..
We had our swimming lesson from Sir Seow Wei Lun and Sir Tan Ke Yang..
Both of them are experienced swimmer..
We had a lot of fun there..

The night we spent our dinner at a Steamboat Restaurant around Sunway area..
You can eat as much of food as you want..
We all made our stomach nothing before it..
We just got ourselves ready for the eating battle..Haha..
At last, our table became totally messy..

The third day which is the final day at there..
We had our breakfast by eating bread..
After that we went for a movie " AVATAR"
It is a very good movie that Ke Yang recommended everyone to watch the movie..
It is well directed by the director of the movie " TITANIC"..
So don't miss the chance to watch this fantastic movie as it is still showing at the cinema..We had a lunch after the movie at ICHIBAN RAMEN..
Not bad..The food was good by mixing with the green tea..
After that we all departed from Sunway back to home..
An enjoying three days at Sunway helped me threw all my stress away..
Hoo..At Last..

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