Sunday, December 13, 2009


13th December 2009..
Finally the day of waiting remained just a single day..
Tomorrow will be the most special papers for me..
I do not have any nervousness for this..
At the same time I'm not prepared well for it..
I just get the paper and do my best..
Nothing more I can do..

After Tomorrow papers..
There will be Freedom for everyone who taking Chinese..
Some people said they will find themselves boring at home..
Because they have nothing to do..
Since they have plenty of time to think this or that..
They can do everything slowly..
But for me,
time is limited..
I need to spend my time wisely at here..
I'm going to enjoy as much as possible with my friends..
I need to do everything in rush..
So time management is again needed to carry out..
This time just needed to manage the time for enjoy..

The countdown had come nearly to an end..
Same to secondary school life..
Those memory of counting down was special..
Every single day of tiredness..
Am I going to be free?
But I enjoyed the process..
Watching everyone's expression after every paper..
It was just like playing online games..
Quest after quest..
No doubt..
I enjoyed myself here although there are some painful time..

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eMeRLyN said...

yeahhhhh, final countdown!