Monday, August 24, 2009

A Special Day of My Life

Well..this is a nike cap which given by my fren as my birthday present this year..It is wonderful..I like it so much..Thanks.. What more can i say? 2009 birthday celebration was amazing..although it is still a month away from my birthday...but everyone forced to celebrate it earlier because we hav to prepare for SPM trial and of course SPM.. That time is crucial for everyone to giv 100% focus on studies or revision..but celebrate it earlier brought so much joy for everyone..It is a special birthday celebration for me..i never hav this feeling before..It is totally special as i mentioned at Facebook..I thought it was a memorable night for everyone..It was special..12 ppl birthday celebrate in a single day..haha..the BBQ was pleasing..the food prepared by the girls are nice..Thank for their efforts on making this party a successful one..the 12 ppl(included me) got their presents from the other frens..they shared their money and buy something useful for the 12 ppl..Of course the feeling of receiving present was good for me.. i was so rust with that feeling coz i have been a long time din receive presents..the feeling came to me again..HAHA..i was so happy..I got what i want..Because i am chosen for NS..So they knew i need a cap as i going to cut into a ultra short hair style for the NS..Okay we throw it away..dun talk about it..Erm..It is good to see everyone smiled until the two eyes became ^^.. It is hard to find this feeling after leaving the school and further my study at other places. It was a memorable moment for my Form 5 life.. I appreciate it..thank you guys..U guys are special for me.. OH yea..special thanks for Chai and Loi dancing performance..Good Show!!

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